Pamela Davis Kivelson

Pamela Davis Kivelson was Artist in Residence to the Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University and the Stanford Humanities Lab (SHL) for five years. Her focus is experiential art. She contributed artwork done at SHL about student demonstrator’s bravery to the “Revolutionary Crowds” exhibit at the Cantor Art Center at Stanford. More than 40 works of public art of hers, consisting of prints, sculptures, and paintings (many of them portraits), are on display on the Stanford campus at locations including Wallenberg Hall, Jordan Hall, the McCullough Building, and the Cancer Center. She is a Lecturer in the Design Program in the Dept. of Engineering. 


Before coming to Stanford she founded and directed the Center for Science and Art at UCLA. She has also been Artist in Residence to the Volvo Group, the Society for Artificial Intelligence, and the Tycho Brahe Foundation in Sweden. She uses technologies, both traditional and digital, including virtual experiences, to transform non-visual phenomena into visual phenomena. She is portraying understanding human collective experiences and transmitting them in new ways. Primarily through painting, but also using muliti-media, artificial intelligence (AI), and performance, her work explores bias and non-linear identities. She had an exhibit with that title in 2019 at Stockholm University. 


In her current work, “Emergence Art Shadows and Resilience,” there is a room devoted to Non-Linear Identities. See breadcrumbs : 2018 She had a one person exhibit :”Mesmerize,” at 111 Mina st Gallery in San Francisco. In 2017 she did a performance piece, “Drawing With Gravitational Waves.” (Seeshort video and article in the Stanford News.) See also :


In 2016 she had a show, “My After - Voices in a Democracy,” at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. It was inspired by her desire to represent the resilience she saw in Paris in the aftermath of the tragic events of Nov 2015. Resilience through portraiture has been a theme throughout  her work. She co-created an empathy and compassion training program for doctors at LPCH at Stanford. The study of vision science, emotions and psychology was the inspiration underlying her exhibit at the Krannert Museum at UIUC titled, ”Before Recognition.”  


In 2014 at Pace for Art and Technology she and filmmaker Robin Swicord ( Benjamin Button) created an installation and performance that fused art, and technology to explore the emotions involved in the Silicon Valley “pitch. ( She had a one person show at the Mark Miller Gallery in New York in 2014. In 2014 she created a sculpture / performance, ”Drawing with Tetrahedra,“ at Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall in collaboration with the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. See : In her current work, a screen-based game-like virtual experience, you can shift into the perspective of an other. Whether the human face as seen through a crystal, or unmasked, in motion, half hidden in a sunset, or style transferred, using opalescent fluids, the becoming, and shifting into it- that apex is her subject. 




2020 -  Art  Quarantine Sessions # 4 - Live Painting with Music. April -CCRMA Stanford

2019 -  Pamela Davis Kivelson – Visualizing Trust/AI, Stockholm University 

2019 -  Breadcrumbs – Nordic Innovation House, Palo Alto

2018 -  Pamela Davis Kivelson -Mesmerize - The Many Body Problem -111 Minna St Gallery  SF

2017 – Performance Improv Drawing -Gravitational Waves – Wallenberg Hall Stanford November

2017 -  Poetry, Paintings and AI – Churchill Club

2016 - “My After “Exhibition works on acrylic- Exeter Library  October.

2016 – My take-–Portraying Faces in an Election- research project September

2014 - Performance “Pitching X,” Pace Gallery, Menlo Park, November

2014 – “Pitching X Art Installation,” Pace Gallery, Menlo Park, November - December

2014 – “Physicists at Work” a performance June 

2014 -  A Gentle Madness, Art Collectors and Their Passion Mark Miller Gallery New York NY,

            May – June .

2014-  “PitchingX” PACE  For ART and Technology  Menlo Park  June 

2014 - “Drawing with Tetrahedra” a performance at the Bing Concert Hall in collaboration with the 

           Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Stanford University, March

2013 - Drawing Orchestra and the Aerialists Performance, June 28, Palo Alto Art Center

2010 - GLAM Project. Ray Hawkings Gallery - Stanford University, CA

2008 - PDK scientist portraits Columbia Teacher’s College New York. N.Y.

2005 - PDK Experiments in the Art of Perception, Chambers Projects, Los Angeles Projects

2005 - Before Recognition, Krannert Art Museum, UI, Urbana

2004 - Gender, Science, and Art, Michigan State University

2004 - Selected Works /Pamela Davis Kivelson, The American Institute of Mathematics 

2001 - Pamela Davis Kivelson, The Art of Science Project at the NSF

2000 - Computation, Sound, and Vision, UCLA, Wight Art Gallery

2000 - PDK Installation Project, Library UCSD

1999 - Women in Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin Art Museum

2000 - Selected Images, University of Colorado

2000 - Women in Science, UCLA, Murphy Hall Exhibit Series #1

1998 - Pamela Davis Kivelson, Manne Gallery

1998 - Seeing the Unseen, Manne Gallery, Santa Barbara

1997 - Natural Phenomena - Pamela Davis Kivelson, Steven Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles

1995 - Art and Technology, installation, The Museum of Technology, San Jose, CA

1995 - Photographs, Pamela Davis at Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

1994 - Waves and Motion, Opening Installation for the Science/Art Center, Knudsen Hall, UCLA

1991 - Pamela Davis Art R & D, The DeSasset Museum, Santa Clara, CA 

1991 - Installation Math Passion for the Lobby of the Math Sciences Building, UCLA

1991 - Physics Art III Knudsen and Kinsey Halls, UCLA

1990  - Physics Art II, The California Museum of Science and Technology, Los Angeles, CA

1990 - The Invisible Hibakusha Voices and Images, Koplin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1990 - One Year After with the Tiananmen Square Players, Scott Hanson Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1987 - Physics Art I, The New York Hilton

1986 -Pamela Davis Kivelson  Paintings - SUNY at Stony Brook 

1986 - Present Intelligence Show, Installation Physicists at Work BACA, Brooklyn, NY 

1985 - 17 Paintings - Moreton Street Gallery, London, England 

1984 - Porcupine Man, Set design premiered at New Dramatists Theater, New York, NY 

1981 - Pamela Davis Paintings  School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

1976 - Lifted Sculpture - Pamela Davis- , Art and Architecture Gallery, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

1974 -  Pamela Davis, Simon's Rock, Great Barrington, MA



2014- Incognito Santa Monica Art Museum

2014- Venice Art show

2012 - The Bowl of Light with Bill Burnett D School Stanford University

2006 - Revolutionary Tides a video, Cantor Art Center, Stanford, CA

2004 - Portraits, Esso Gallery, NY

2004 - Group Show, Bobby Greenfield Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

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1997 - Photography, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Photo LA

1996 - The Taylor Column, Turbulent Landscapes, Exploratorium, San Francisco

1994 – 1996 Kissing Traveling show originated at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo traveled to Matsuyama, and Nagoya in Japan, then in 1995 at G. Ray Hawkings

Gallery, Santa Monica, and on to Denver, CO in 1996 at the Yancey Richardson Gallery NYC

1994 - Holiday Show, , Santa Monica, CA

1992 - Contemporary Photography, Katherine Fleck Gallery, Aspen, CO

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1981 - The Spring Mills Show,  Greenville, South Carolina 

1980 - “6/6", N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, IL 

1974 - Group Show the Kitchen, New York, NY



2016   “ Psychology in Painting”- five portraits Jordan Hall Stanford University 

2016   “Icosahedron “ at the Quantum Institute UBC, Canada

2012-“Opal” for Stanford Hospital and Clinics and Simon’s Center for Geometry and Physics

2012 - Physics Art GLAM 

2010 – Drawing with Karin Conrod’s “More or Less I Am” Barge Music New York

2010 - Opal Butterfly print /knot Video – Simons Art/Science Center, SUNY Stony Brook, NY

2009 - Portraits Code to Paint, Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials, Stanford

2008 - Orange/ X Ray /the Sun, Kavali Center Stanford

2007 - Fly Portraits/ Neurochemistry, Beekman center Stanford

2007-  DeBiased / Schwab Learning Center Stanford- 

2005 - Before Recognition Performance and Installation ( OPAL), Wallenberg Hall, Stanford

2006  - Draw the Feeling Project, for the Stanford Medical School

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1996 - The Taylor Column, University of Colorado/Exploratorium/AIM

1995 - The Soliton – Knudsen Hall, UCLA. 



2019 -  Breadcrumbs 

2017 - Drawing with Gravitational Waves:

2015 - Pitching X

2013 - Drawing Orchestra and the aerialists

2012 - The Bowl of Light

2009 - Giving Bad News Well

2009 - Draw The Feeling

2005 - Revolutionary Crowds, “Revolutionary Tides “Exhibit Cantor Art Center

2004 - Computation, Sound & Vision

1990 - A Day in the Life of a Knot

1989 - Physics Art

1981 - Bear Grass 



2017-  Adjunct Lecturer, Design Program in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

2011- 2017  Lecturer, Design Program in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

2019- Artist in Residence Volvo group

2018-2019- Artist in Residence Compression forum Engineering- Stanford

2017- Artist in Residence to the Tycho Brahe Foundation, Sweden

2016- Artist in Residence to the Society for Artificial Intelligence

2015- Artist in Residence to the Churchill Club

2011- 2014 Artist in Residence, Heroic Imagination Project

2007 – 2010  Lecturer / Artist in Residence to the Humanities and Sciences Stanford University

2004 – 2010  Director, “Draw the Feeling /Perceptual Sciences Art and Technology Program,” Stanford Center for Innovation in Learning, Stanford University 

2003 - 2007 Artist in Residence to the Stanford Humanities Lab

2003 - 2006 Director Perceptual Sciences Art and technology Program Stanford University

2003 - 2006 Artist in Residence, American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, CA

1992 - 2002 Founder and Director, Science and Art Center, UCLA



2019 -Nordic Future Mobility Summit Stanford University  

2020 -    Painting from Music using Neural Visual Style Transfer

2020 -    Translating Paintings Into Music Using Neural Networks     

2019 -     Super Creativity, by S.Batzoglou and T. Evgeniou, in Medium,

2017       Drawing with Gravitational Waves, Stanford News:

2017-  International Railways Sustainability Day- Invited talk- Stockholm

2016 -Art and giving voice-assembly- Phillips Exeter Academy

2016 -My Take citizenship and creative expression “Workshop Stanford Arts Institute

2016 -My Take – Voices in a Democracy Workshop Phillips Exeter Academy October

2016 “Embodied Imagination for Creative Process workshop “Design program”

2015 “Embodied Imagination and Design Thinking workshop “Design program”

2013 - Drawing Emotions in Motion” Art - PSI conference Stanford

2012 -The elements of Curiosity /Storytelling workshop Cantor Arts Center

2012 - “Drawing and Emotional Intelligence” workshop D School Stanford University

2012 - “Hats, Fashion, Art, and Design” The Metropolitan Club. San Francisco

2008 - “Drawing / Micro expression Portraits,” Loft talk, Design School, Stanford

2005 - “Before Recognition: Aesthetic Experiments,” American Society for Aesthetics 

2004 - “Art and the Internet,” The Stanford Law School Green Library, “Physics/Art,” Colloquium, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2004 - McPherson Lecture, Michigan State University

2001 - “Computation, Sound, and Vision,” EDA at UCLA

            “The PDK poster project,” L.A. County Museum

2000 - “High Touch/High Tech,” Oakland Museum of Art 

1996 - “The Poster Project; a Collaboration,” Allied Signal Corp., Los Angeles

1994 - “Science and Art”, The California Institute of Technology, Center for Women in Science “Using Art to Attract and Retain Women to Science Princeton Institute for Advanced Study     

1994-“Physics Art”, Physics Division, National Science Foundation

1994- “Science, Art, and Visualization”, Mathematics Department, Stanford 

1994  “Science Art”, The American Association for the Advancement of Science

1993 - “Attracting Women and Girls to Science Using Visualization,” The NSF

1992-"Math and Art", Summer Geometry Institute, Park City, Utah

1992 - "Visualizing Women in Science", Aspen Center for Physics

1991 - "Substantiating Art", Ohio State University (Visiting Lecturer)

1991- "Math Passion" Panel, UCLA Speaker "Atomic Bomb Survivors/ Visualization and Oral History", UCLA

1991- Guest on the Wizard Television Program:  "Art as a means to Visualize science"

1990 - Panelist for "Art and Action", Women's Caucus for the Arts, UCLA

1988 - IBM Colloquium, "Science Art", IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown, NY



2013- The Young Academy

2013 - Stanford Institute for the Arts

2011 - SICA The Solios Project 

2010 – Arnice P. Streit Award for Distinguished Service, Stanford University

2007 - Best Local Artist Award Silicon Valley Foundation

2007 - Djerassi Fellow Artist in Residence program

2005 - Grant from the Stanford Humanities Lab -“Before Recognition”

2002 - Weizmann Women and Science Honoree  

1995 - Visiting Artist, one week, Princeton Institute for Advanced Study

1994 - Funding from the NSF and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the PDK Posters

1980 - Grant, Culture for Agriculture, NEA

1980 - Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture   



1985 Master of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

1977 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Yale University, New Haven

1973 Studied at Accademia di Bella Arti, Florence, Italy

         Consulting Certificate in Special Education, New York University